Why Us

Why Choose CN Dentistry?

With all the talk lately about “eating clean” and “going green”, it’s no wonder that more and more people are assuming a greater responsibility for their own health and what substances are being put into their body by way of “seemingly harmless” substances such as vaccinations or dental fillings. Years ago, who would’ve thought substances that were approved by the FDA and ADA could possibly be harmful? Isn’t their sole job to protect us? We’d like to think so, but that just simply isn’t the case. It’s time to develop a new way of thinking so that you can protect yourself and your family from any further stress or damage.

The mindset of a holistic dentist is a little different than that of a traditional dentist. We consider the mouth to be the portal to the rest of the body. If the health of your mouth and teeth is not ideal, that could be linked to other health concerns that you may be having. Holistic dentistry is also generally known to be metal and mercury free because we believe that these materials can sometimes be VERY hazardous to your health.

What sets us apart…..

Safe removal of mercury (amalgam) fillings: Mercury is a very toxic substance and must be handled with EXTREME care. We follow a special protocol developed by the IAOMT (International Academy of Oral Medicine and Toxicology) to ensure the safety of our patients and staff during the procedure. We are also trained in the proper disposal of this hazardous waste to be certain that it is not making its way out into the environment.

Mercury-Free: Along with being mercury-safe, we do not use any products in the office that contain mercury. Also, we always try to use metal-free materials whenever possible, although, there may be some cases where we have no other options.

Fluoride-free: We do not provide any fluoride treatments in the office. Fluoride is essentially a poison, most widely used as a pesticide. If large amounts of fluoride are ingested, it can not only cause enamel defects, but it is shown to be linked to more hazardous conditions, such as cancer, diabetes, thyroid and neurological disorders. There are, however, some cases where it may be prescribed in a topical form as a last resort if someone’s decay rate is very high and we have exhausted all other options.

Latex-free: We do not use any products in the office that contain latex.

Non-surgical periodontal treatment: Periodontal (gum) disease is an infection of the gum tissue that has a strong link to heart disease and stroke. We offer a non-surgical approach to managing mild to moderate periodontal conditions.

Use of biocompatible materials: We have done careful research and always try to use products and materials that will be least likely to cause any type of allergic or systemic reaction to our patients. We treat many patients that are chemically-sensitive and/or immune-compromised. For these patients, we always recommend having a Clifford Materials Reactivity Test done prior to any treatment. This test will check your blood against all of the dental materials currently available for use and tell us whether or not a specific material is suitable for you. In addition, all of our composite filling materials are BPA free!

Come visit our warm and cozy office and feel better about your choice of a dental provider!!